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Meet the team here at FFD

The face behind FFD’s scrumptious little fox is me, Eva.

Originally my career goals and aspirations looked very different. I am a qualified primary school teacher, I love children and teaching. I feel extremely privileged to have had the opportunities to teach, explore, share and grow with those I have taught.

When starting a family of my own I was very fortunate enough to be a full time stay at home Mumma, but anyone who knows me personally will know, I don’t do things by halves. I thrive on being busy. At home I felt something was missing, I wanted to create something on my own, something for myself and my family. Something to scratch that itch that I can’t quiet explain.

Then suddenly, I stumbled on an idea while decorating my daughters’ room. I began researching and jotting down ideas early 2018. It wasn’t till mid 2018 that I shared my ideas and goals with my husband and a couple of close friends that I began to feel like this venture could actually happen. Their interest and support gave me the confidence to take those final steps and go the distance and make Frolicking Fox Designs come to life.